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What you will get with our lessons

  • NON-STOP Talking

    NON-STOP Talking

    Apart from our sessions you will get everyday conversations with our tutors/natives via Skype and Whatsapp

  • Sooo many new words

    Sooo many new words

    You will memorize over 3000 words training your associative memory with no cramming!

  • Total Immersion

    Total Immersion

    You will embrace foreign culture, break stereotypes and start to see from THEIR perspective

  • Super-motivation


    Coaching sessions on how to set personal goals in your learning process, and additional materials to study on your own

  • Creative speech & writing

    Creative speech & writing

    Gamification approach to our tasks will develop your imagination and help to get rid of shyness in public speaking

  • Premium access to our events

    Premium access to our events

    Exclusive access to our closed seminars/webinars/events with opportunities to go to practice a foreign language abroad

You can learn Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese with our tutors online and in our schools in London, Moscow and Beijing!

Thank you for your superinteresting lessons! We had amazing funny time learning Spanish! I came to lessons with a smile! After our year of classes I entered MBA in Madrid and went to Spain for a year with great variery of vocabulary and amazing cultural insights! Muchas gracias a tí, mi cara profesora!
Margo K.
- ANTAL International

What our students are saying

If we haven't convinced you, maybe a few words from our students will!

Thank you so much for every fantastic, amusing, funny, engaging…lesson we have! All cultural stories, stereotypes, tasks together with communication on my favourite topics, this makes me chatterbox with you! Thank you for all your help with my trips to Europe!
Olga B.
Olga B.
Thank you so much for your great lessons! Muchas gracias por todo! I will always remember "hojuelas para mi nieta"!! :-) You made me to fall in love with Spanish culture and Spanish music. Now when I dance salsa or sing to Spanish songs, I remember you!
Jane B.
Jane B.
Thank you so much for your smile and engaging tasks! Every lesson was unique! Amazing cultural materials helped me to travel around Europe! I’ll be back to learn another foreign language with you! Leave some time for me!
Nataly I.
Nataly I.


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